Spamina Internet Security

By Daniel Power, Sales Director (Maple5)

It appears there is a new kid on the block in the Email Security SAAS arena. Spamina – yep it is a bit of an odd name – are positioning themselves as the Spanish Message Labs. They have been going for 6 years in the Spanish speaking world and have over 10 million mail boxes under management and some extensive agreements with global telecom carriers like Telefonica.

Whilst the world of email security is well populated Spamina believe they have found a niche for themselves by attacking the weaknesses of the 2 major players, namely Message Labs and Google Postini. Spamina believe that Symantec Message Labs have been abusing their market position and are simply charging too much for their offering.

Google on the other have been aggressive in pricing but are just too big and lack that direct touch that organisations like.  Almost all Google support is now going through the forums which leaves users feeling a little helpless. Spamina have also addressed the issue of where data resides by setting up dedicated UK datacenters.

Spamina’s end user pricing is as follows:
Email Anti Spam/AntiMalware and Continuity – £10 per Mailbox per Year
Email Archiving – £20 per Mailbox per Year
Email DLP and Encryption  – £20 per Mailbox per Year

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