Email marketing in the Cloud a user guide

“We live in an age of relentless communication, where in the course of just one day we are bombarded by multiple media formats. There is a steady stream of social media marketing…a flood of instantly discarded direct mail…and a deluge of email communication that is largely ignored, lost in the sea of competing mass communication.”

Some would argue that we have reached a point where communication is meaningless…unless it is targeted, concise and impactful. But you could argue that even targeted, concise and impactful communication is meaningless…unless you can capture relevant management information to assess its effectiveness.

Is there a point to communication without powerful and relevant information?

Email newsletters are an excellent way to communicate with your customers, prospects and key contacts and by using a 3rd party platform you will have access to invaluable information on the success of your campaigns, helping you build better and more meaningful messages tailored to your target audience.

Before you set out on your path to glory, here are a couple of important things for you to consider.

Segmenting to your data
Targeted messages will result in higher success and less drop off,
Campaign design
Can’t do it, then don’t! Your landed campaign is representing your business, make sure you are making the right impression. A lot of 3rd party platforms offer generic templates on a do it yourself basis, great if you’re a designer but don’t fall foul of thinking you are if you’re not, this isn’t meant for sticking on the fridge door! Get a solution that offers a more tailored product with bespoke templates.
Sending large emails through your company email might seem a cheap alternative but could prove a false economy. Providers protect you from the risks of having your domain black listed and making sure you are compliant.
One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is the powerful reporting that 3rd party platforms can provide. See who opened your messages, how many times they have read it, which links they have clicked through to as well as any emails that may have bounced or where the recipient has opted out.
Spam / Junk
Poorly coded emails, grey or black listed IP addresses, poorly configured mail servers, excessive subject lines and certain words can all fall foul of spam filters. 3rd party platforms will eliminate some of these items but can also fall foul themselves. Get a solution that has real people to support and advise you with your campaigns and content.
It’s important to weigh these things up when looking for a platform that is suitable for you and your business and that you get the advice and support that you need. Cheaper alternatives may look attractive but often mean:

Generic solution with little or no customisation
You’ll be using the same template as the butcher, the baker and candle stick maker
Online support or FAQ
They want your money but will be reluctant to give you their time. Speaking with a human being and using a platform that offers support and advice can prove invaluable.
Poor delivery rates
Cheaper providers mean lots of users and lots of emails being sent out, this will result in higher spam and abuse reports which are to the detriment of the delivery rates.

• Custom built solution – your own templates, logo and images
• Name account manager
• Dedicated support and training
• All hosting and sending capabilities
• UK based servers and support
• No technical expertise needed

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